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 deeper pit

I told you it would snow over here and I was right
driving home alone watching the numbers move onto midnight
it’s funny when the car won’t drive
the way your mind creates for it

but I do arrive the way it has ever been silently and alone
what is this life but a number of rides through this land we don’t own
it’s stunning still we can derive
some diamonds from the darkest pit

can you tell me
is it truly worthless
to dig a deeper pit into the ground
when our life is only hopeless
and when we die there won’t remain a sound
tell me is it worthless
give me just a reason

I ask myself is this just a phase or will this be my life
where is the ending could you show me the ending of this nightly drive
it’s funny when the car won’t drive
sometimes this does resemble your life

a deeper pit
a deeper pit
oh let me dig a deeper pit
I want to work
I want to bleed
I want to suffer for a deeper pit

tell me is it worthles
give me just a reason to survive
(winter 04/05)
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